No matter the size of the event, SRO has the solutions for whatever production is needed.  Staging, lighting, sound, special effects with the crew and engineers to run them is provided as needed.  Knowing what systems work better for different settings and venues means SRO has a standing knowledge of what is available and what fits different budgets.  Years of producing festivals in every kind of terrain and conditions plus working with most indoor venues in the region means we have seen just about everything, but always up to new challenges. 

Memorable Moment.  Actor James Earl Jones was hired by SRO to speak at a MLK celebration on a college campus. The venue was the basketball arena and the sound provided by the house was good for basketball games.  Other times speakers had used the built-in system the results were problematic.  This was a major problem for a national known comedian whose voice was at best muddled - hard to laugh at punch lines you can't hear.   But now, this was the voice of CNN, the voice or Darth Vader... this was James Earl Jones!  Making certain that everyone one seated throughout that arena could hear ever word clearly was the mission.  The mission was accomplished, proving once again that the extra care, experience and effort always makes the difference. When that is applied to every element of an event, magic happens.