The creation that made the whole world stand up and cheer first happened over 3 decades ago. On that October 15, 1981 night, Krazy George led the Oakland A’s fans in the first-ever Wave and it continues to circle stadiums and the world today. Fun loving fans by the billions have performed it. The Wave has became an icon of pure Americana pop culture exported worldwide. It is but one antic in Krazy George's arsenal of crowd participation routines.

Currently George is holed up in a Tibetan monastery where he is meticulously penning his memoirs about his incredible life as the world's first professional cheerleader and male model.  Here's a little memorable moment in the life of the Krazy One... Stephen Colbert honroing Krazy George on the 25th anniversary of The Wave:  (not available on YouTube, so copy and paste this address to your browser):

Until it's highly anticipated release, George wants all to remember, it's always good to GET KRAZY!