Myron Noodleman and SRO Productions Reunite

The reigning Clown Prince of Baseball, Myron Noodleman, has returned to the booking agency he started his career with nearly two decades ago.

Broken Arrow resident and former Union High School math teacher, Rick Hader (uncle of actor Bill Hader), first met SRO President Jon Terry in the early 90’s when Rick was first doing his Noodleman character at Tulsa Ambush professional indoor soccer games at the Fairgrounds Pavilion. When Terry left the Ambush administration, he and Hader went to their first Baseball Winter Meetings in 1994 where Noodleman was an instant hit.

Over the next 14 years, Myron barnstormed North America performing at ballparks and arenas from coast to coast performing from 50 to 70 games per year. The character was well-suited for corporate events also, and SRO booked him whenever possible.
Despite a move to another agency about four years ago, Hader and Terry kept a good relationship, making the move back together a smooth one.

During their initial years together, Myron Noodleman became a mainstay tradition in national sports entertainment. He was named the new Clown Prince of Baseball in 2004 following in the foot steps of the great Max Patkin. In the ultimate sign of sports success, a bobblehead in his image, was also issue during this time.

SRO will immediately begin bookings for the 2013/14 basketball season and also for the 2014 baseball season. The two will once again attend the Baseball Winter Meetings in December – this year at Disney World in Orlando.

The Prodigal Nerd has returned and SRO couldn’t be happier.

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