Jake The Diamond Dog back in the Major Leagues

One of SRO's longest running sport entertainment acts is a dog. Jake "The Diamond Dog" has traveled North America performing in ball parks to the delight of fans since the early 90's. Owner/trainer Jeff "Dog Man" Marchal has devoted all these years to training, driving and living in hotels with 4 generations of Jakes. This is a perfect family-friendly, slightly quirky type act that is perfect for the minor league circuit. Like all other barnstorming acts, a trip to the majors is rare. You'll never see Jake's inflatable dog house sitting in foul territory of Yankee Stadium like it does at every level of minor league ball. But that hasn't stopped the Cleveland Indians. Five years ago they created a promotional day call "Puppylooza." Jake was invited to do as many of his routines as Major League Baseball would allow. He doesn't get to play bat boy like he does in the majors but he does take the first ball to the mound, plays Frisbee toss in left field, flowers to the Sweetheart of the Game, leads the on-field Dog Parade and then gives paw print autographs in the concourse. All in a dog-days work.
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