A very private event in Barcelona, Spain

July 9, 2017  Event production can certainly take many forms yet the same attention to details applies no matter the audience size.  SRO was approached to produce a one-person show for an audience of 18.  The order was simple enough.  Provide a keyboard and setting where people could fly in from around he world and listen to two songs and a few words of encouragement.  Making it very tantalizing was the final choice of venue and act.  The show would be in Barcelona, Spain and the act would be six time Grammy nominated singer / songwriter / actor Sarah Bareilles.  The buyer wished to inspire a young person who he had helped thru schooling and wished to use this as a send-off to her future.  So in a luxury hotel meeting room overlooking the Mediterranean, this invitation-only group was treated to two of Sarah's greatest hits ("Love Song" and "Brave"). 

 Sarah Bareilles with SRO President Jon Terry

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