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The SRO Story

Established in 1979 to produce a concert in the mid-west, SRO has never stopped evolving.  SRO features a team of experienced professionals assembled to design, develop, & produce events of all kinds.  SRO was founded by President, Jon Terry, and was initially started as an entertainment booking & production company.  Years later, Jon would bring his LA-based daughters into the business, expanding our market into the west coast & adding in their experience of event planning & design.  With incredible teams in both locations, we've been able to broaden our connections and produced events all over the world as well as establish new creative services for artists!  SRO has always been a "cast of thousands," combining our rich talent in the entertainment world with the absolute best in the industry for event production.  Meet our management team on the Contact Page and we can't wait to introduce you to more of our fabulous team!

"Tina-many thanks to you & Jon.  I apologize that I wasn't able to hang out more with the SRO crew. Frankly everything was running so well with you guys that I focused elsewhere. You guys were great!"

Brian Paschal | TYPros

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