MYRON NOODLEMAN - Clown Prince of Baseball

It all started as a Halloween costume contest.  But putting Rick Hader in that self-made costume lauched a career that has greatly entertained millions of sports fans since the early 90's.  A hip nerd, just hangin' with you at the ballpark, Myron's got moves and commentary for about any situation.  Indeed he's known for his between innings skits or breaks in the action during other sports, but it's that up-close-and-personal touch that Myron brings that fans really love.  He's an entertainer that is at his best when he plops down in an open seat anywhere in the crowd and that really wins over the fans. 

Myron Noodleman is lumped with a relative small group of barnstorming sport entertainers that create special promotions at ballparks, stadiums and arenas everywhere.  There are mascot type acts, circus acts, daredevils, professional cheerleaders and extreme acts.   But Myron alone is carrying the torch for what would have been a dying breed - the baseball clown.  Following in the footsteps of former acts who wore the crown of the Clown Prince of Baseball like Max Patkin (1940's to 90's), Al Schacht (20's-30's) and Arlie Latham (1800's) - Myron Noodleman was named the reigning Clown Prince in 2004 by Roland Hemond at a Mike Veeck "Fun is Good" seminar on Hilton Head.  [See photo gallery for photos of all the Clown Princes]

A triple threat at any sport event, Myron can dance, sing and interact like nobody's business.  The love that the fans have given back has solidified his position as an icon of the sports entertainment business.  But always too busy bringing enhanced ballpark experiences to have time to gloat, Myron is off to the next town where the ballpark lights are bright, the beer is cold, the hotdogs are, well, hot, and the fans ready to be entertained. 


Myron final